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Art Plates

The show in the “Hundred Years Gallery” combines performance and objects. The objects are plates. Plates are receptacles of food but can also be a cultural product and a template for artistic exuberance. The show is a collaboration – a collaboration on the one hand between Doron Polak and Michael Lazar, the performers, and the performers and the objects. Some of the objects reflect the photographic image of the performers on their surface, as shown in the works of Michael Lazar, Ran Shevi, Norma Drimmer and culminating in Doron’s own “plates on my head.” Continue reading

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The Solitaries

The installation of figures create a powerful crowd of personas mirroring facets of the viewers’ own personality. Detached from the walls, the Solitaires inhabit the space and own every element of it: the air, the light and the sounds. It is a universe of spiritual elevation where the visitor has no choice but to intrude upon their domain, both individually and as a crowd. Scaled up to supersede normal human dimensions, the Solitaires intimidate but also encourage the eyes to enter into a minefield of electrifying sensations. The fundamentals of lust and love, greed and hope, death and freedom, self-doubt and arrogance are transposed upon their mute existence. Continue reading

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