Solace is the second audiovisual solo exhibition by visual artist-musician Richard Bolhuis in Hundred Years Gallery. This exhibition will be adjusted to current circumstances and it is uncertain if he will be present during the opening.

The interdisciplinary installations and experimental films of Richard Bolhuis come about spontaneously and in no way represent pre-elaborated concepts. They are like life itself: ambiguous, intangible and constantly in motion. Wonder and mystery, intuition and connection are at the heart of the matter in his practice. This is particularly manifest in his location-specific installations and experimental films, in which various disciplines converge. There are no intellectual barriers. As in music, it’s all about open-mindedly experiencing the work in the moment.

Instead of letting one art form define or encompass his body of work, he carves out his own autonomous space. His installations consist of soundscapes, film loops and drawings. Many of his immersive installations take place outside. Soundscapes, projections and drawings on squares, windows or buildings become one with the surroundings. He acts in the present tense and is in touch with the elements over which he has no control. Drawings out in the open are exposed to every kind of weather and redrawn by natural elements. There is no frame to indicate where the work begins or ends. This is enhanced by the fact that Bolhuis works both indoors and outdoors.

His short films are rooted in the northern tranquil countryside of the Netherlands. In these non-linear films his soundscapes play an elementary role and emphasize the meditative nature of these under the radar landscapes in the county Groningen.
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Solace is supported by The Kingdom of the Netherlands and The Mondriaan Fund