Hundred Years Gallery is a dynamic art space situated in Hoxton, East London supporting experimental and innovative art. The Gallery`s exhibition programme is aimed at presenting a wide spectrum of contemporary art production with an emphasis on providing a platform for radical ideas and young or unrepresented artists. The space also provides opportunities for those in the arts to become part of its exhibition programme through its annual open calls short residencies, internships and art projects.

Hundred Years Arts is a not for profit Community Interest Company (Registered company number 9059577)

Gallery. Media & Myth-001   A Europe for All by All

Hundred Years Gallery has a strong commitment to presenting new composed, improvised and experimental music and sound works in an excellent acoustic setting. Weekly concerts feature international artists and the best of of the UK’s new and most creative musicians, low admission prices, and accessible to all.

Joshua Weitzel-001   Cram Festival-001

At Hundred Years Gallery we welcome external project proposals for art exhibitions, music events or related art events. If you are interested in the use of the space to run a project please drop us an e mail with the subject “space enquiry” to: info@hundredyearsgallery.co.uk We are particularly interested on proposals for artist-led group exhibitions, and equivalent curatorial projects. We also offer generous discounts for non profits, charities and local groups working with those in  a disadvantaged socio-economical situation. Please attach any relevant material ( images, text) to your e-mail. Each application will be considered.

Gallery. The Idiot by Jaime Valtierra-001   Performance.Kumiko Tani Re-Cycle-Style3-001