Hundred Years Gallery is located in the York Row Council Estate, Haggerston. As an artist-run space we strongly believe art must engage with the local community. Through our ongoing programme of workshops and talks we offer creative opportunities and experiences for local people of all ages and economic, social and cultural backgrounds. Over the years we have built strong partnerships with local groups and individuals, including schools, non profit organisations and charities.


above: Not a Champagne Life – Panel Discussion / Artist talk. Steph Goodger / Stella Winskell-Moore & John Flannery / Food Workshop: Luisa Spina


above: ‘Bells From The Deep’ / ‘Experimental Drawing’ – Workshop /  ‘Self Portrait Laboratory for Kids’


above: Bridge Academy Showcase’ / ‘Now In Reverse’ / ‘Film For Wellbeing’


above: ‘Drawing The Future’ / ‘Super Safe Living’ / ‘Echo City’s Sonic Playground’


 above: ‘Human Glue’ / ‘Making Books with Things’ – Workshop / ‘Whiteout Festival’

     Fire-Mummifyre-4     Gabriel

above: ‘Shifting Perceptions’ – Workshop / ‘Fire Mummyfyre: KMAT improvisation’ – Worksop / ‘Fund Raising for Gabriel Hardisty-Miller`s Memorial’


above: Giles Leaman`s hand made instruments’ – Workshop