3x2x2: Coleman/Ederer/Hardie-Bick/Kamura/Moore/Muscatello. Saturday 27th July 19:30

3x2x2: Three Quartets of Improvised Music with Jamie Coleman (trumpet), Iris Ederer (voice), Tony Hardie-Bick (modified tape echo), Atsuko Kamura (voice), NO Moore (guitar), Jordan Muscatello (double bass).

Why improvise? As both an approach to, and style of, music, improvisation still offers things not available in other types of music and musical practice. There are the obvious things such as surprise, inventiveness, responsiveness, generosity and (occasionally) spectacular failure; but, more than this, improvised music creates an event for musicians and audience alike, where each and all are placed at the limits of themselves. Improvised music brings us just beyond the edge of what we know of ourselves, holding out the promise – often realised – of our continued capacity to re-form ourselves, making us more sensitive to what life presents and to what life could be. Perhaps, most importantly, improvised music can call down intense, destabilising, and immersive re-programmings by using the physical excitation of sounds in unexpected formations. Improvisation is the difference that makes a difference.

3x2x2 will involve 3 quartets of musicians, but each quartet will begin as a duo. All of the musicians involved are well versed in opening themselves to the creative differences of the present moment. Between them, they have played with a lot of people in various situations. No sounds will be harmed during the

Door 19:00 | music from 19:30 | entry £5

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