‘A Europe for All, by All’. 3rd to 13th of April 2014

European Greens London is an open space for all those European citizens who live in London but come from other countries and want to have their say in the making of the European Union. All together we are as many as 1 million with the right to vote on the European elections. However, many people are not aware of their rights and the possibilities of political participation in political processes that affect them. European Greens in London welcome people from all nationalities and backgrounds to join us and discuss new ideas, participate in our events and decide which Europe we want to build.


A Europe for All, by All

Featuring works by Saif Osmani, Federico Gallo, Carlos Segundo Granados, Antonio Mena Salido, Milan Todorovic, Noel Macken, Lisa Furness, Noot, Peter Barnard, Steve Rosenthal, Tom Cardew, Digital Dialogues, Veronica Perales, English Disco Lovers, Kata Ungvári-Zrínyi, Yuga Hatta, Jill Rock, Carlos González Pérez and Hugo Madureira

London-based artists from all corners of Europe have come up with inspiring reflections, messages and strategies on how to activate citizenship to build a real European democracy founded on the principles of sustainability and social and environmental justice.

The artworks address issues surrounding political participation in Europe, asking why it is important today, what are the alternatives to the current policies running counter to democracy, equality, social and environmental justice; and what are the different forms of political participation available for European citizens today.

There will be a programme of collective learning and mobilising activities around the selection of visual, digital, sculpture, audio and performative pieces – art is not just contemplated or appreciated but also explored, interpreted and discussed.

The purpose of this 2 weeks long event is to stimulate debate about how to improve European democracy, and to encourage participation in the upcoming elections to European Parliament, while showcasing the alternatives that exist.

blog: europeangreensinlondon.org.

First Thursday Private View : Thursday 3rd of April from 6:30

Ad Feminarum : pro ecology and equality race is an unusual race, that has a clear beginning and a deeply desired goal. It is a race for (to) equality and environmental justice, a race that moves towards a Real Democracy. The more runners we have the closer we get to our goal. Everyone shares the prize.

Live music by La Negra & Tuya in the ground floor & KMAT in the basement 


`The Rain Printer´ by Noot

`The Big Fraud´ by Carlos Segundo Granados

Watch introduction of the ‘A Europe for All, by All’ by organizer Virginia Lopez, curator Noemi Zajzon and artist Yuga Hatta commenting his piece ‘Olho em Bico’.

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