About Helen Bermingham

Helen Bermingham (b. Ireland 1983) is a London based artist working in collage, painting, and drawing. She completed a degree in History of Art and Theatre at Trinity College Dublin and a postgraduate at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

She has exhibited throughout the UK and Europe including with Angus-Hughes Gallery, Zeitgeist Arts Projects, Hundred Years Gallery and Universit√§t der K√ľnste Berlin. She was part of the ALAS artists residency with Matt Roberts Arts and was longlisted for Anthology 2015 at Charlie Smith London.

Her collage work takes existing photographs and explores ideas of interruption and displacement by removing or altering elements of the already established narrative. Figures are taken from old family photographs, removed from their original setting, fractured, broken down and reassembled in new environments. In this way new narratives are suggested and new spaces created and explored.

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