About Sisetta Zappone

Sisseta Zaponne is an independent Italian printmaker living in London. Her prints can be found in a number of mayor public and private collections including The Italian National Print Collection in Milan and the V&A in London.

Her most recent residency project took place in Mexico, Veracruz at graphic arts centre La Ceiba Grafica where she spent 3 months producing the new series of lithographs avaliable at Hundred Years Gallery

Her practice embraces the idea of micro cosmos being macro cosmos’ mirror, where as she explains “nature nurtures our minds and thoughts; teaching us how to observe and how to wonder through its metamorphosis”. From a meticulous observation of reality Sisetta seeks to produce shapes that are rooted in everyone’s subconscious. Her place of birth (Aspromonte, Southern Italy) represents a crucial aspect of her work; it reveals within her practice Greek, Latin and Arabian influences brought forward through legends and today`s local culture.

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