Music : Albert Cirera & Olie Brice : solo:solo:duo. Friday 8th July 19:30

Albert Cirera – tenor saxophone
Olie Brice – double bass

Solos and duo sets

Doors 7:30 | music 8pm | entry £8

‘My name is Albert Cirera. I’ve been playing sax for almost 25 years now. I’ve been touring, playing and recording in many different countries in the last 12 years. I’m from Barcelona but I live in Copenhagen. I come from the jazz school but since some years ago I’m interested in improvised music.
‘My saxophone solo is based on sound exploration through multiphonics and extended techniques, using different preparations to find new sound and vibrations. I have a tendency for drone sounds that are being altered to create minimalistic rhythms and melodies.
‘At the same time I have a strong sense of melody and lyricism that might appear in any situation, or atmosphere, always surprising me and the audience.
This is one of the 40 solos that I’m doing this year. A kind of ritual to celebrate that I’ve been 40 years in this planet’.

Olie Brice is an improvising double bassist from London. He leads two bands – a quintet that plays his original compositions and a freely improvising trio featuring Tobias Delius and Mark Sanders. He has also worked with musicians including Paul Dunmall, Tony Malaby, Steve Swell, Achim Kaufmann, Alex Ward and Ingrid Laubrock.

Brice makes the entire body of his bass sing. He has the ability to deliver a fractal line that is as purposeful as any by the great jazz bassists, but to do so within an entirely abstract setting’


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