Angharad Davies, Matt Davis & Tom Chant + Terry Day. Sunday 29th of June, 3:30 – 6:30


Angharad Davies ” ……..Time slows, scale reverses and you are up close to the process. Gulliver traverses the violin neck, watching sound vibrate off overhead cables in great powerful waves.” Stewart Lee, Sunday Times on Six Studies.

Matt Davis “….. it matters that this is a music entirely devoid of ego and decoration, for all its sensual reach: it’s lean, often delicate and minutely detailed, sometimes harsh and rebarbative, though it holds its ground in relation to the listener with uncommon grace…” Chris Goode on VIOLENCE.

Tom Chant  “Tom Chant was using his saxophone to recreate the sound of two pigeons killing each other very slowly.” Maddy Costa, The Guardian.

With special guest Terry Day


all photos and video by Mary Lemley

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