‘Anthologyofanorgan’ by Anthologyofamess. Saturday 31st of May from 6pm

Anthologyofanorgan by Anthologyofamess – a home for performance activities and events in various and fluid forms initiated by Mariana Camiloti, Antonio de la Fe, Petra Söör, Martine Painter, Manou Koreman and Robert Vesty. Anthologyofamess is a project that could be seen both as a framework and as a looking glass zooming in on experience, transformation, patterns, performance-making and the present. An anthology, a collection of events that are continuous  evolving with the word mess referring to the non-tameable nature of dance and performance..

This event will explore the theme of organ(isation) – our collective bodies forming an organ(ism), configuring and reconfiguring in the gallery space.
Making a series of instantly composed pieces, gradually accumulating and forming part of a bigger ‘anthology of pieces’,  Anthologyofanorgan may or may not include some dancing, reading, typing, singing, playing, seeing, speaking, sitting, diving or any other number of activities evolving over the duration of one day with you as a visitor present for one or all them, as you come and go with your presence and figure as part of the collection.

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