‘As It Stands’ : Unrefined, Muted, Abandoned. Screenings. Saturday 22nd July 7:00pm

A programme of film and video works by artists participating in the ‘As It Stands’ : Unrefined, Muted, Abandoned exhibition.

Films from 7:00pm | Free entry

Nick Cash
‘Drumming About Architecture’ St Peters Seminary.
The extraordinary ruins of the world-renowned St Peter’s seminary sit shrouded deep in Kilmahew woods on the west coast of Scotland.
‘Craft V Craft’ Nick Cash paddles down the Grand Union Canal in his cardboard canoe.
A movie of his inaugural voyage.

Paula Garcia Stone
‘A dead flower reanimates’ : This animation/film is made from 40 drawings of a flower observed in various stages of decomposition. The flower coming to life from near death represents just that emotion in a human being – both in the states of the flower itself, and in the varying completeness of the drawings. They are part of an idea in progress, working towards an animation with its own soundscape. I am aiming for 1000 drawings, should I ever ‘finish’.

Helene Williams
‘Shameless’ Mexico: ‘Mother’s womb of life exists far beyond the uterus of her female species; it is stretched to the forest, ocean, skies and into the core of the earth itself.’ (M.Tiwari)
This ancient primal wisdom embodied within us has become shamed, muted and abandoned over time.
‘Touching the Earth’

Teresa Grimaldi
‘The JFK Puppet Assassination’
A performance film conceived by Ian Helliwell for the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. To mark the occasion he organised a programme for the Cinecity film festival, at the Basement venue in Brighton on November 22nd 2013. The culmination of the evening was a recreation of the assassination with puppetry, props and sound.
Teresa Grimaldi made and operated JFK, Jonathan Swain built the limousine and John Hiom painted the backdrop.

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