Beyond Beauty Tattoo Studio. 4th, 5th, 6th, 16th & 17th August 2021.

Beyond Beauty Tattoo will be using the gallery basement just for a few days on her way to Stockholm.

Prints and T-shirts will be also available.

For bookings instagram

I was born in Malaga, Spain, in 1985.
Since nursery I was notorious for my drawing abilities as a way of expressing myself. I used to draw my own cartoon like stories and copied the greatest masters’ paintings. Then I became fan of African and Baroque Music. I studied both, music and art, during my teens. When I was 14 a tattoo artist from Netherlands opened her studio just below my balcony and became our neighbor. Secretly I dreamt of being a tattoo artist like her.

Life took me to be living between art and music.
I became DJNinot playing in London and different Spanish cities, and it was in Ibiza at the age of 30 when I bought my first tattoo kit and started drawing on my own skin. It was there where later on I opened my own tattoo studio. Between Ibiza, Barcelona, Malaga, London, Madrid and Gran Canarias, I have been tattooing already hundreds of people.

My last residency has been in @Elijah, Barcelona.
My upcoming calendar is:
9-13 August, Stockholm @concreteforty
1- 4 October, New York @inked_nyc
21-23 October, San Sebastián @trueblacktattoo

I consider myself a versatile artist, very creative and passionate about it. My designs combine different techniques and styles, aiming to become a dystopian urban vision brand. Beyond Beauty tries to look for what is behind the surface of our bodies’ skin, and reveal it.
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