Exhibition: Beyond the Lines. 7th & 8th of May

‘Beyond the Lines’ is an exhibition of recent photography that looks away from the world of the contemporary art scene into showcasing the work of 11 emerging artists. Some of the most exciting and innovative photography being made at the moment are works that are hidden away in artists’ lockers and hard drives. This exhibition aims to showcase this work in a public space in order to highlight the talent of a group of artists who are exploring the untapped possibilities of a medium nearly two centuries old. From explorations into the materiality of the printed image, to surreal still-lives that seem to float in mid-air, and cosmic abstractions forged from the heart of a scanner, the work on show in this exhibition is as diverse as it is fresh.

Private view on Thursday the 7th from 6.30. Part of the First Thursdays Open Late organized by Whitechapel Gallery

Harriet Bailey     Gokhan Tariover     Edurne Aginaga

Harriet Bailey is a London based conceptual photographer whose work focuses on the relation between nostalgia and memory, and the interrelations between the subject, viewer and creator. ‘And it feels like home’ looks at the idea of the house as a manifestation of intimacy and nostalgia by looking at the relationship to the childhood home and those fragments of memory in the border between our conscious and subconscious, our memories and dreams.

Gokhan Tanriover is a London based photographer of Turkish origin who dedicates his time to photography following his short medical career. His work has transitioned over time to become conceptual while retaining a cross-genre feeling. The work featured showcases his experiments with cyanotypes.

Edurne Aginaga is a Spanish photographer residing in London, who works as a commercial freelancer whilst producing her own artistic projects. ‘Lie Down’ is a series of surrealist pictures that create the feeling of being upright on a vertical surface. The objects on each image interact with the viewer‘s subjective associations by drawing them into a distorted reality created by installations influenced by natural light and reflections.

Anna-Sophia John     Jessica Thomas     James Charlie Bennett

Scott Pattinson is a London based artist originally from Cumbria currently completing his BA in Fine Art Photography at Camberwell College of Arts. He has previously organised and featured in an exhibition in Peckham about the growing separation between the existing community and the influx of young artists in the area. His work investigates the role of technology in contemporary life, often using unorthodox production techniques.

Anna-Sophia John currently studies Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster, and lives in Vienna and London. Previously, Anna has been involved in group exhibitions in Vienna, London and Leeds. Anna’s work explores the impact the environment has on the human subject. Anna intervenes with our perception of the familiar and mundane by intuitively responding to her immediate surroundings. In her series ‘Alltag’, Anna explores new ways of looking at her domestic habitat and the objects that it accommodates.

Jessica Thomas currently studies at the University of Westminster. Her practice involves experimental darkroom techniques first developed in 2011. Since moving to London from Oxfordshire over a year ago she has been able to develop and evolve her practice. Through working across the mediums of darkroom, digital and photocopying, the work displayed is a product of four years of experimentation surrounding the idea of Surface.

Immi May is a London based artist currently studying at the University of Westminster. Imogen works mainly with the moving image, exploring the tactility of the human features and their relationship with the surrounding environment. Her video featured in this exhibition freezes the human face inside a moving environment, creating a dichotomy between two states of being.

Immi May Inga Maciulyte

James Charlie Bennett is a London based artist currently working in a range of mediums. James’ practise involves re-appropriation, social commentary and process based art works. ‘Rope Splicing’ is a series that look at forgotten, esoteric books found in charity shops, old bookshops and markets. By removing the textual element, he re-contextualises the illustrations found in the books as little works of art that stand alone.

Leticia Batty is a photographic based in London. Her work revolves around industrial and political issues in South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire. Her project ‘Ratio’ is a photographic piece of work that explores the greenest city in Europe – Sheffield, South Yorkshire. It often described as the greenest city due to it’s large number to people ratio. Her straight documentary piece is a depiction of this fact through the act of photographing the many trees Sheffield has to offer.

Gosia Stasiewicz is a Polish artist originally from Wroclaw, now residing in London. She is interested in the significance of the human body in contemporary society, questioning traditional ideas of gender and documenting the lives of people living on the fringes of society.

Working with alternative processes, London based artist Inga Maciulyte strips down the very preconception of what photography is by focusing on the basic elements of the medium: light, photographic paper, film and chemicals. ‘Photograms’ is an exploration into the possibility of photography beyond representation.


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