Ana Milovanović: The Blind In One Eye Ballot-Box. Saturday 18th April at 5:00pm

Artist Ana Milovanović presents a performance dedicated to the UK general election 2015, inspired by the election in 1945 in Yugoslavia, which was organized by Tito, who was supported by Churchill.

DSCF5983     DSCF5991     DSCF6016

In Yugoslavia two armies fought against the fascists: the partisans’ forces and the army of the King. The people of Yugoslavia could either vote for the partisans (Tito) or the Monarchy (King of Yugoslavia). There were 2 ballot boxes, one for each party, into one of which which the voter must drop a rubber ball. As the boxes were coated and lined with soft fabrics nobody knew for whom voters voted. It was shocking for everybody who voted for the King (in fact the majority) when the boxes were opened and in the King’s box was ONLY ONE RUBBER BALL!  Churchill’s officer in the election in 1945 in Yugoslavia, Anthony Eden called that election “the race with one horse”.

This is not political performance! Please, come and participate and say if it could be connected with Britain’s election 2015…

Free to everyone | in fine weather the performance will take place outside the gallery in Pearson Street.

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