Kofi Boamah, Robert Robertson & Abdul Azeez in conversation. Sunday 16th December 15:30

As part of the current VII : The Chariot exhibition, we present a reading and discussion between artist and writer Kofi Boamah, composer, film maker and writer Robert Robertson & poet and painter Abdul Azeez.

Kofi Boamah

Over the course of five years, the sullen girl was seen at varying degrees from the window of the mental hospital overlooking Hackney Park. Perhaps it was the fact that she was attractive that had Bobby and myself quite enamoured with the sullen girl in the window. She had a short pixie haircut, quite olive skin to maybe confirm an exoticness too. London at the time was not as in the throes of diversity, as if today, so colour was more noticeable then. (from ‘Fuego’,  2017)

Robert Robertson

Why is it that what we see in a mirror is an illusion,
when we use a mirror in a camera to split a beam of light?

Is what we see in the viewfinder an illusion too?

The teacher might answer that it’s a question of degree:
at one level it’s reality, at another it’s an illusion.

But at what point exactly does reality become illusion?
Or illusion become reality?

We haven’t got all day, says the teacher, let’s move on to the refractive index.
But we live continually on the borders between reality and illusion.
(from ‘In The Countries of The Mind’ , 2018)

Abdul Azeez

Abdul Azeez will read a selection of his poetry.

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