Book Launch : Wound Building: Dispatches from the Latest Disasters in UK Poetry. Friday 4th February 19:30

We’re pleased to announce a launch event for Danny Hayward’s new book of essays, Wound Building: Dispatches from the Latest Disasters in UK Poetry, out now from punctum books. A discussion of the book with Danny Hayward in the first half will be followed by poetry readings in the second half. (Readers TBC)

Wound Building is a front-line report on contemporary poets and politics in the UK circa 2015-2020, most of whom have little audience outside the little magazines they publish and the reading series they put on. The book is also about violence, representation, love poems, elegies, fantasies, the death of David Cameron, being split open along a seam, care homes, basement songs, the Foxconn factory in Guanghzhou, science fiction, anarchism, and a refusal to argue.

“In my mind, poetry is a kind of street party that runs through all the wars and pandemics and Tory Party conferences and unfulfilled desires and suicides and breakdowns and out the other side; and no one gets into it unless they admit to themselves they can say anything they fucking like; and the only thing you ever learn here is that that’s the only thing there is to do.”

Doors 7pm | event from 7:30 | entry £5

Discount copies of the book will be on sale. Take a covid test beforehand if you can to be on the safe side!

Danny Hayward is the author of People (Mountain, 2013), Pragmatic Sanction (Materials, 2015), and I/II (Shit Valley, 2017). He maintains the archive-in-progress, and along with many dozens of others co-runs the communist events series No Money.

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