Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos Gonzalez Perez
1976 Palencia (Spain)
Lives and works in London, UK

Carlos Gonzalez has spent a large part of his life travelling and getting involved with street or radical communities in a cooperative way. Based in London since 2000, he has also chosen to live “his way” while developing his personal photography. He was for some years a Big Issue seller in Marylebone until he was discovered and his work introduced into art galleries, achieving a successful career as a photographer. For Hundred Years Gallery he has been selected as a representative of photo documentary, showing that side of our modern society where the gap between rich and poor is growing dramatically wider.

“Since my childhood, I have been searching for alternative lifestyles, travelling extensively, always trying to learn from my interactions with new people and new environments. This way of life led me to photography and my photographic style. It has allowed me to get closer to communities and subjects that are important to me. My approach to photography has evolved in a very particular way, forcing a clearer sense of what I want to achieve: A space where the constellation of all possible meetings and encounters comes alive together.”




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