Circuits and Wood: classically trained and experimentally deranged. Saturday 8th October 7:30pm

event-imageCircuits and Wood: featuring the fruits of fresh partnerships between the classically trained and the experimentally deranged and the premier performance of a sonic dream poem.

False Echo: Tim Bowen (acoustic cello) & Jasmine Pender (electric cello)

False Echo is a semi-improvised, modern classical experiment featuring electric cello played through a haze of homemade effects and a standard cello played through no effects at all. The two instruments merge, separate, contradict and guide each other through a sonic trance-state that encompasses drone, melody, dissonance and white noise.

Tim Bowen is a classically-trained cellist. He has played on various non-classical outfits, flitting in and out of bands with a moth-like flightiness which has become his trademark. Previous luminaries he has played for include chanteuse The Anchoress and disco-metal cult Chrome Hoof. Tim’s current projects are False Echo and a still-unnamed international folk choir.

Jasmine Pender is a self taught electric cellist and noise connoisseur. Her unique cello noir style, rarely recognisable as a cello, conjures subway ghosts, washing machines and holy frequencies. Jasmine also performs solo as Rotten Bliss and with Jowe Head in 11th Hour Adventists.

Maria Moraru and Jowe Head

Maria Moraru is from the Danube delta in Romania. Her enchanting vocal style reflects her origins, with an inflection of Black Sea mystery. A trained concert pianist, she also uses her skill and imagination to make inventive use of harmonium, zither, and toy piano, bringing an atmospheric charm to the sound. maria-moraru-music

Jowe Head, a self-taught musician, brings his background in pioneering experimental punk band Swell Maps to the collaboration, using electronics and guitar sounds, as well as unusual instruments like the mandocello and bulbul tarang.

Together, their voices weave a remarkable spell, using strange harmonies and counterpoint. Their material includes a revision of the Welsh medieval song “Gower Wassail”, a setting of a poem by Maria in Romanian, a dystopian sound collage involving the 23rd Psalm, a song by Stephen about a visit to Coney Island in New York, and another about the enigma of a labyrinthine personality.

Apart, we are together written and performed by A J Dehany (with Andrew Wyld + tbc)

AJ Dehany is a writer and musician with a penchant for endurance projects: two-years of A Haiku A Day, 50 art projects in 50 weeks of fig-2 at the ICA, writing 29 complete plays in 29 days for The Space’s 29 Plays Later. Impossible to pin down, his range encompasses everything from the sublime and the ridiculous, at once funny and sad, clever and dumb, oblique and direct.

Apart, we are together is a 12-part poem set over six days and nights fusing hyperrealism and dream imagery. It is a love story. By day, he is going blind. By night, she and he are together in his dreams, but when he wakes he can’t remember her. Can they stay together, in the world or in the world of the dream, in life or in death? For this debut performance the day part will be read by Andrew Wyld and the night part by TBC, with AJ Dehany performing music and sound with various instruments and objects. Read Apart, we are together here

Door 7:30 | music 8pm | entry £5

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