Mervyn Diese & Christina Lovey : COLoURBLAST with Moving Pictures. Saturday 15th October 7:30pm


Free entry | donations

Mervyn Diese : COLoURBLAST with Moving Pictures.

To coincide with the COLoURBLAST exhibition at Hundred Years Gallery, a special screening of a selection of ‘small films’ made over the last five years by artist Mervyn Diese, who will also tell the stories behind the pictures on the wall.

Expect ruthlessly lo-fi excursions into the world of an artist recovering from brain injury and reintegrating himself into the artistic community through the often ironic gaze of a series of small digital cameras.

Screening includes : EchoCity / Cheap Cuts / Commute / Monkey / Paint Dry / Slow Fountain / Wet Wood / Concert. / Hunger

Special guest presentation:

The End of Mourning: Osea Island. by Christina Lovey

Length – 19 mins

Made at the end of a reseach project into the re-presentation of grief, this work records a circular journey, a pilgrimage into the liminal experience, meditating and reflecting on the nature of loss and our ultimate mortality. Travelling to Osea Island, a tidal island in the estuary of the River Blackwater becomes a metaphor for the journey from life to death.

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