Confront Recordings presents Angharad Davies ‘Six Studies’. Saturday 29th of March at 7:30

Six Studies is Angharad Davies’ first ever full length, studio solo recording. To celebrate it’s release, she will play pieces from the album in the intimate surrounds of the Hundred Years Gallery.

Also performing, the newly formed BEFOREHAND, a duo comprising Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga and Mark Wastell

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Angharad Davies
Angharad Davies is a violinist whose work is situated in the complex intersection of improvised and composed music. She is dedicated to exploring and expanding sound production on the violin, and has developed a specific approach to the violin, which extends the sound possibilities of the instrument by attaching and applying objects to the strings or by sounding unexpected parts of the instrument’s body. Angharad is an active performer in contemporary, improvisation and experimental music both as a soloist, within ensembles such as Apartment House and Common Objects, and in smaller improvised groups with musicians such as Axel Dörner, Lina Lapelyte, Dominic Lash, Tisha Mukarji and Taku Unami. Her sensitivity to the sonic possibilities of musical situations and attentiveness to their shape and direction make her one of contemporary music’s most fascinating figures.

Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga
Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga (b. 1981, Thessaloniki, Greece) is a musician and a linguist based in London. She is active in experimental and improvised music since 2006. She plays the zither, a string instrument, and uses ebows and objects on its resonance box to produce sustained or granulated sounds. Her approach focuses on the interplay between spontaneity and elaborate techniques. She has performed solo, in long-term collaborations or in occasional formations with Jennifer Allum, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Angharad Davies, Rhodri Davies, Matt Davis, Axel Dörner, Phil Durrant, Ferran Fages, Anastasis Grivas, Franz Hautzinger, Robin Hayward, Chris Heenan, Ute Kanngieser, Grundik Kasyansky, Martin Küchen, Tisha Mukarji, Ivan Palacký, Eddie Prévost, Henrik Olsson, Christine Sehnaoui, Birgit Ulher and Daichi Yoshikawa among others. Her first solo album ‘stroke by stroke’ was released in 2011 on Organized Music from Thessaloniki. Recently, she released
‘Workshop concert’ on Matchless Recordings with Jennifer Allum, Ute Kanngieser, Grundik Kasyansky, Eddie Prévost and Daichi Yoshikawa and ‘Accidents of matter or of Space’ on suppedaneum that includes realizations of Sarah Hughes’ composition (can never exceed unity) performed with Rhodri Davies, Patrick Farmer, Jane Dickson and Neil Davidson. In the last few months, she performed with Grundik Kasyansky and Daichi Yoshikawa at the OTO Project Space, with Phil Durrant at GVart and she toured in Sweden with Angharad Davies, Axel Dörner and Henrik Olsson.

Mark Wastell
Mark Wastell has been active as a musician since the early 1990’s. Over a twenty year period, he has collaborated with numerous musicians including Angharad Davies, Bernard Gunter, Hugh Davies, Nikos Veliotis, John Wall, Evan Parker, Mattin, Tony Conrad, Keith Rowe, Otomo Yoshihide, Derek Bailey, John Butcher, Toshimaru Nakamura, Lasse Maurhaug, Eddie Prevost, Tomas Korber, Peter Kowald, Taku Sugimoto, John Zorn, Phil Durrant, Lee Patterson, Tim Barnes and Max Eastley. His regular groups are The Sealed Knot (with Rhodri Davies and Burkhard Beins) and Oceans of Silver & Blood (with Joachim Nordwall). Mark also runs the Confront Recordings record label.

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