Danger 11.000v Collective

IMG_3369 (682x1024)IMG_3005 (1024x684)Danger 11.000v is an experiment in live theatre improvisation conducted once a week on Friday afternoons. Between 1.30 and 4.30pm the performers will develop a living physical theatre in the basement gallery. You are welcome to drop in and watch the experiment in progress at any time.

The performers improvise solos using whatever material arises spontaneously within themselves, in relation to the space and in the present context. Their sounds, movements and words echo experiences that we become aware of, or feel, or imagine, or create.

‘A physical jazz!’


The Danger 11.000v collective is Sofia FigueiredoJohn HaleDebbie KentSarah KentJeongEun ParkDavid Richter and Thelma Sharma.


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