Dark Energy


Dj Ninöt
For this “Dark Energy” session, DJ Ninöt plays a selection of new experimental and electronic music illustrated with the projection of  “Ghost in the Shell II”,  “2004” and “Metropolis”.

DJ Ninöt started playing six years ago as regular DJ in various Costa del Sol Clubs, Discotheques and summer festivals. Now, back in London, she has taken over The Haggerston’s disco night…


Vj Yourself
VJ Yourself! is the ultimate experiment in Music Visualisation & Self-Expression. It allows you to combine art to the rhythm of music using a game-pad or mouse online…

Why not share your imagination with a larger audience?

Imagine an age when everybody could project their inner images for others to see, as fluently and naturally as how we share our thoughts through speech. At the moment, it seems to be the privilege of a well-skilled minority to create engaging visuals… However, VJ Yourself! is dedicated to invent intuitive ways to turn the digital screen into the mirror of your soul… the projection of your feelings syncopated to the beats of the music…

Join us for an exploration of real time self-expression and help us to shape the future of interactive media!

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