David W. Stockard: ‘Two-Minute Particulars’. Sunday 5th July from 3:30-6:30pm

Pete Yelding     David W. Stockard     Beibei Wang

Percussionist and composer David W. Stockard has assembled a sextet of the some of the most inventive players from among the new wave of improvisers to perform a series of ‘two-minute particulars’.

David W. Stockard, snare drum / Beibei Wang, percussion / David O’Connor, baritone saxophone / Klaus Bru, c-melody saxophone / Joshua Weitzel, guitar, shamisen / Pete Yelding, cello

Part One – 2:15   |   Part Two – 6:1

Klaus Bru     David O’Connor     Joshua Weitzel

David W. Stockard is a person from Carrickfergus [ni] currently living in London [eng].
Beibei Wang is a virtuoso percussionist who has been on meteoric rise in the classical music world, both in China and internationally.
David O’Connor plays saxophone and flute and intends to continue to do so.
Klaus Bru is an A-graded C-saxophonist (performing on C-Melody  and C-Soprano saxophones), and a follower of the cables that connect his electronic gear.
Joshua R. Weitzel is an improviser from Kassel, Germany: He plays guitar, shamisen, and live electronics – sometimes simultaneously.
Pete Yelding is a composer and performer currently based in London.

Doors 3:30 | music 4pm | entry £5 donation

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