Salon du Thé presents ‘Shift-2’. Saturday 2nd of November from 7pm


In celebration of Samhain & Dia de los Muertos

’ The veil is thin as we enter through liminal spaces… towards the shift.’

…Music, Poetry, Live Art, Installation, Ritual….

Continuous Interactive Installation/art: Altar of her/history

Take a moment for mirrored reflection, before the choice to move forward into being, in the present, make peace with aspects of your self, past lives, your personal her/history before shedding skin. The dead come to visit us this night…so speak with the ancestors, conjure the future…

Bring a picture of someone since passed who has inspired you for our altar &/or bring a gift (offering) for that inspiring person that we may all celebrate them as they come to visit us this night…

Pia Love – Live Art with Paint & Dance
The essence and body of Pia Love’s work is to celebrate, entice and flirt with the spirit of the wild woman. With each painting the importance is to connect with the power of mother earth. Main body of the work is on recycled materials. Many of the art pieces speak of appreciation and respect for international cultures and traditions and explore the space between dance/movement and her 2D art accompanied with live music.

Poetry/Spoken word:

Genevieve K
Wordmonger, purveyor of potions, and priestess-in-training offers linguistic rituals in celebration of the thinning of the veils.

Anthony Almanza – born in Mexico, grew up in east Los Angeles CA.
writes poetry and enjoys spreading the Mexican culture around the world.

Music Performances:

Frances Shelley
Composer, improviser and songwriter whose work is widely used in film, dance and other media. Her two piano led soundscape albums INTERIORS (2005) and WILDERNESS RHAPSODIES (2010) reflect her long held interest in improvisation and creating emotive atmosphere through the spontaneous transmission of musical ideas.

Kay Elizabeth – (Black Orchids)
Ethereal and autumnal storytelling within acoustic composition, a work created out of poetry and prose. Performing new material and songs from her album ‘Disposition’ released in 2010. Her new project ‘Black Orchids’ is powerful, authentic. Inspired by the secret yearning for places lost and the love and shadows inside yourself, it is a journey not to be missed…

The Yetzer Hara Box
Antonio Alfaro Sanchez and Jack Merrick (The Yetzer Hara Box) will perform new material and poem-songs from Coplas a la Muerte de una Epoca published by Eclipsados in 2012. Expect Darkness, politics and humour mixed with haunting electric melodies

and specially invited guests… Salon du Thé

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