Drasler/Taylor + Roberts/Lisle/Musson + Russell/Hutchinson. Saturday 21st September 19:30

Jošt Drasler & Benedict Taylor met in 2016 during a shared residency in Ljubljana between Slovenian group FriForma & British group CRAM. Since this time a number of the collaborators from these sessions have developed significant musical relationships, through tours, recordings and residencies in Slovenia, Croatia & the UK. One of these collaborations resulted in a Drasler / Taylor Balkan tour in 2018, and now continues with this current string of UK concerts and recordings.

The duo are very excited to be performing alongside a number of leading figures in the UK improvised music scene, invited as featured guests at each concert, on this part of the collaboration. This concert is comprised as follows:

Jošt Drasler
& Benedict Taylor
Cath Roberts, Andrew Lisle & Rachel Musson
John Russell & Matthew Hutchinson

Doors 7:30 | music 8pm | entry £5

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