DRON Performance Festival III. Saturday 23rd of February

For the DRON Festival, the Jerico Orchestra will collaborate with digital artist Andor Merks and his Composition Robotics.

Using projected images as an interactive graphic score this first time meeting promises a trip into uncharted areas, as visuals by Pete Jones are fed into the digital mixer … the collective mind of the orchestra in action, the projected score, and the response of the audience together create a unique work which must be experienced in its totality. This performance for DRON Festival also incorporates strategies for group improvisation devised by Michael Walter.

Digital 3D graphics meet table scraping, analog improvisation with found objects, electronics, noises from the museum of musical savagery, sacred geometry, strings, horns and motors, bits of old radios; the brutality of fashionable London clashing head-on with Olivier Messiaen and Sun Ra. No powdered wigs, no chocolate box alpine landscapes.

Also during the evening, Jerico Orchestra flautist Wil Miles will play a solo set inside the Dron.

Gretchen Dharma Sky Cult : An anagrammatic, name-shifting, all-electronic improvising trio of Martin Hackett, synthesizer, David Grundy, laptop & Stuart Chalmers, tapes. As Myrtle & The Chuckrags // The Crackly Hard Nutmegs// Ramshackle Dutch Gentry // Etc., the group has performed at Red Square’s outdoor improv festival in Cropredy, and in Oxford, Cambridge and Cheltenham. Hackett has played in the band Certain Ants, whose scant recorded legacy, an elusive cassette release, belies their excitingly varied approach; after a period in France, where he was and still is involved in numerous musical approaches, he now resides in England and is an active member of the Oxford Improvisers. Notable collaborators include Adam Bohman, Pat Thomas and Phil Wachsmann. Grundy plays around the UK with various collectives and groupings, and is a student at the University of Cambridge. Chalmers plays electronics – currently, manipulated tapes – and has numerous self-released albums to his name, or to that of his alter-egos, Skarabee & tusK.

Together their music is cut-up, sampled, sliced, randomisation and control jerking apart or together in some kind of evolving improvised form.

Stasis 73 : Formed in 2009 by a collective of creatives from Hastings. Film makers, painters, poets and musicians. The aim of the project is to move beyond the concerns of more traditional music making, yet not fall into the trap of being labelled experimental. 

Here they present an immersive live sound and film installation consisting of drones and sonic explorations, utilizing electro-acoustic manipulated pure noise, voice, text, whisperings, field recordings & darkness, creating an atmosphere that is simultaneously oppressive, uplifting, nostalgic and intriguing, using refracted collected filmed & found images, projected and refilmed, creating a multi-layered textural imagery, complementary to the sound layers: spoken and text sound, found object sounds, acoustic sounds, acoustic sound exploration and processed acoustic sounds, decay, and extended drones.


Monster Zero ” Reunion “

A constructed void.
A psychotic blend of harsh noise, underworld lyrics and acid landscape.

Performance by this trio from Portugal/Spain/London featuring Cementimental / The Techno Widow / Adolfo Healer



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