DRON Performance Festival II. Saturday 16th February

The second DRON Festival performance session features Mark Anthony Whiteford and the anarchic Bristol Improvisers’ ZARIBA occupying Hundred Years Gallery for a continulous six hour process of music, dance and live art. Personnel on this occassion are Johanna Fellner – dance, VV – dance and voice, David Grundy – laptop, recorder and  percussion, Mark Anthony Whiteford – laptop, voice, tapes, percussion, painting.


The inimitable Adam Bohman returns with another set of text based spoken-word cut-ups – a DIY Dadaist in the midst of suburban banality, relishing the surrealities of recipies for brain and sweetbreads, menus describing authentic borscht and signs on defunct shops.

In the ground floor cafe, films by Agnes Hay.

Agnes Hay is a British/Hungarian artist working with video, experimental animation, graphic art, illustration, stage design etc. Showing here from her ‘Meditative Wildlife Videos’, a series of one hour, unedited single shots of wildlife, mostly in urban environments. Instead of humanizing the animal world these videos try to do the opposite. By focusing on, and moving with animals the human remains in the background, no sensationalism, nothing is rare or special, just the music of existence. Films shown include : Pigeons of Russell Square, Caterpillar, Maggie’s Flower with Insects and Spiders, Grasing in Kenwood, Waterbugs, Herons in Regents Park, Sheep, Insect time, Lizards




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