DRON / ULTIMA RATIO. From 1st of February to 17th of March

During the month of March the ongoing Dron/ Ultima Ratio festival becomes Dron/Ultima Hecate, moving from the aesthetic into the politics of gender.

The dron, a womb-like polyhedron becomes a matrix for performance; an audiovisual environment of the unseen, unheard underground.

Everything here is in process, flux – nothing is fixed. Notebook pages have been remixed, instruments nailed to the wall; notes and scribbles made on a muddy trackway can be triggers for sounds and actions. Sounds and actions are forces for change. It is at this point that the aesthetic becomes the political. We create our own uses and meanings for the mundane. We embrace change, provocation, collaboration and investigation.

… a theatre of the mind, a celebration of women’s poetry, stories and song, sexuality, love and lust” (Jill Rock)

A show instigated by Graham MacKeachan and Jill Rock

“It’s only when we break open the system that it becomes a creative space” – Jill Rock

“Take 12 regular pentagons and 20 regular triangles;
construct a regular icosidodecahedron mirrored internally
remove 1 pentagon
the symmetry broken reveals a chaotic mass
the auditory resonance unexpected waiting to be explored”

Hundred Years Gallery extends an Open invitation to sound and visual artists to the Dron sound festival to play with the chaos of the broken form. 

“Like the mysterious theft of a boat on a winter’s night, this stuff has nothing to do with academic orthodoxy, were making maps or recipes for generating creative activity in the cracks…¨ – Graham MacKeachan

Contributors and performers include Adam Bohman, Andor Merks, Jo Roberts, Stephen Micalef, Mary Lemley, Clara Black (DJ Ninöt), Cos Chapman, Sue Lynch, Carina Levitan, David Grundy, Adnan Al-Sayegh, KMAT, Mark Anthony Whiteford, Johanna Fellner, PigPen, Antonio Alfaro Sanchez, Jack Rhys Merrick, Bristol Improvisers Zariba, Gabriel Keen, Wil Miles, Ivor Kallin, Richard Cardew, Robert Robertson, Jerico Orchestra, Luciana Bass, Keisuke Matsui, Stuart Chalmers, Martin Hackett, Techno Widow, Cementimental, Paul Shearsmith, John Churchill, Agnes Hay, Horse Trio, Giles Leaman, GD Painting, Rude Mechanicals, Composition Robotics, Jaime Valtierra, VV, Stasis 73, Monster Zero, Amanda Harris, Sarah Reilly…

Free live events every Saturday from 6.00 and every Sunday, 3.00 to 6.00

“Take but degree away, untune that string and hark what discord follows”


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