Duo Arasari : inaugural concert II. Sunday 31st March 15:30

Duo Arasari is an ensemble specialising in contemporary music for flutes and clarinets, with a particular interest in low flutes and clarinets. It was founded in 2018 and has many exciting projects lined up in the next year, exploring the existing flute and clarinet repertoire from the twentieth and twenty first centuries and working with composers to develop more works for this combination.


Selections from Duos for Flute and Clarinet (1991), Robert Muczynski
Genera (2011), Dan Kessner
Jump (1999), Robert Davidson
Ko-Lho (1966), Giacinto Scelsi
Rencontre en Rocher (2016), Etienne Rowlin
Fantasy Impromptu-ish (2014), Rania Chrysostomou
Moment (2007), David Bennett Thomas
Selections from Duos for Flute and Clarinet (1991), Robert Muczynski

Emily Shapiro is a bass clarinet and clarinet player dedicated to exploring and creating new music. Originally from Canada, Emily pursued her studies across the country, from the University of British Columbia on the west coast, to the Concordia University and the Domaine Forget academy in the east. She has had many incredible teachers, most notably Lori Freedman in Montreal. Emily has a special love for the sound and scope of bass instruments and constantly pushes the limits of what she can do on bass clarinet.

Alongside performing contemporary music on bass clarinet, Emily has a hand in many other musical endeavours. Composing and improvising are central to her career, and she has been an active performer of Balinese gamelan for 10 years and has also explored jazz and electroacoustics. She is always seeking out new artistic experiences to enrich and motivate her work.

Outside of music, Emily loves gardening, running, drinking whisky and making friends with animals

Laura Beardsmore is a London-based flautist with a varied career as a solo performer, chamber and opera musician and teacher. She completed her Undergraduate and Masters degrees at Royal Holloway, University of London, where she studied with Carla Rees. She has also studied with Wissam Boustany, Simon Channing and with renowned contemporary flautist Robert Dick at his residential studio in New York City.

UK performances have included Dartington International Festival, the International Prokofiev Festival, Kensington, with rarescale at The Forge in Camden and numerous solo recitals. Laura has also performed internationally at the Kiev Contemporary Music Days Festival in Ukraine, temp’ora International Contemporary Music Meeting in Bordeaux, France, at Spectrum, New York City and with the low flutes ensemble rarescale Flute Academy in Athens and Washington DC.

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