Durrant / Vishnick / Muscatello / Sterkowicz. Saturday 11th November 7:30

Revisiting the ‘Group Voice Approach’ ; a concert of acoustic free improvisation featuring:

Phil Durrant (mandolin)
Martin Vishnick (guitar)

Jordan Muscatello (double bass) and
Sebastian Sterkowicz (bass clarinet)

The first half will feature two duos. In the second half, all the musicians will play together as a quartet.

Door 7:30pm | music 8pm | entry £5

In Turning The Musical Table; Improvisation in Britain 1965-1990, Nick Couldry described his concept of “the Group Voice approach” as aiming “to achieve a completely natural flow without relying on one or more players appearing to drive it forward individually” (Couldry 1991:9).

For Couldry the ‘Group Voice Approach’, focuses on small phrases and even isolated sounds “allowing space for immediate ‘comment’ by the others (Couldry 1991:10). Each ‘gesture’ or ‘moment’, “all elements (texture, movement and, if present, pitch) are united in one group gesture” (Couldry 1991:9).

This event will revisit these ideas through duos and a quartet.

Phil Durrant
Phil Durrant is a London based multi-instrumentalist, As a violinist (and member of the Butcher/Russell/Durrant trio), he was one of the key exponents of the “group voice approach” style of improvised music. In the late 90s, his trio with Radu Malfatti and Thomas Lehn represented a shift to a more “reductionist” approach.

As a modularsynth player, Durrant performs regularly with the acoustic/electronic group Trio Sowari (with Bertrand Denzler and Burkhard Beins) and Mark Wastell’s The Seen. As a mandolinist, he has been performing regularly with guitarist Martin Vishnick whome he met at the twice monthly ‘Skronk’ events.


Martin Vishnick
Martin, is a performer, composer, researcher and teacher. As a performer, concert tours have taken Martin all over the globe where he continues to promote his albums with radio and concert appearances; this includes varied Classical guitar and Electric guitar concerts and engagements. Commissions include music for the theatre, concert hall, film and media.

Martin is currently involved in post-doctoral research, propagating his work in the contemporary ‘sound art’ music scene, providing guitarists and composers with a sound repertory for compositions and improvisation based on extended techniques that comprise both developments of existing techniques and techniques invented by the author.


Jordan Muscatello
Jordan is a London-based bassist predominantly active in improvised music. A frequent attendee of Eddie Prévost’s weekly workshop, he has performed with many members of London’s community of improvising musicians and is a regular member of Rick Jensen’s Apocalypse Jazz Unit.

Sebastian Sterkowicz
Sebastian has also more recently been active as a bass clarinetist on the free improvised music scene. He met Jordon at Eddie Prévost’s weekly workshop and is also a member of Rick Jenson’s Compulsive Ensemble and the Apocalypse Jazz Unit. Sebastian – like Martin Vishnick – has performed with the London Improvisers Orchestra and in the past played guitar in blues, punk and experimental music bands.

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