‘Edge of The Land’. Short Film / Show reel night curated by Pascal Ancel Bartholdi. 22nd.June

 Saturday 22nd. of June from 6.30. Free entry.

 Artists include: Luca Mauceri / Tarick Berber / Joachim Reiderer / Charlotte Law / Anna Vacchelli / Esteban Gitton/ Ingrid Berthon Moine / Tommy Cuts Maria Pia Fanigliulo / Mateo Pizzarello / Jaime Valtierra / Ines Von Bonhorst / Yuri Pirondi / Anna Burel  /Chloé Meunier/ Pascal Ancel Bartholdi.

Pascal Ancel Bartholdi`s comment  on his choice of videos

This collection of videos animated or filmed may seem obscure. What transpires once we have immersed ourselves in this series of worlds is a flagrant demonstration of wilfulness against the common, the banal, trivia, and to an extent, a system that impedes the motion of our imagination towards the constellation of the psyche. These samples contain the seed of a journey from the exterior to the interior making full use even indirectly of a symbology the show is founded upon. That is to say these films reveal a fearlessness of what post modernism called authorship, the personal, original thought in action. This is a simple connection, but an essential one that guided my choice.





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