Music : EGG & CRISP invite… Sunday 6th June 2021 15.30

To celebrate their debut album ‘Making a Meal of Things’ on mrmrecordings, EGG & CRISP, known in the quotidian world as Chris Hill and Ed Shipsey, will host an afternoon of improvisation and performance.

The afternoon will call upon the following players to entertain and bemuse in equal measure:

Alan Newcombe (saxophones, flute)
Petero Kalulé (saxophones, flute)
Chris Hill (clarinet, objects)
Tony James Morton (electronics)
Ed Shipsey (voice, objects)
Keisuke Matsui (electric guitar, electronics)
Faradena Afifi (strings, objects)
Tarik Haskic (bass clarinet, objects)
Hwyel Jones (brass)

Sunday 6th June 2021  15.30-18:00pm
Entry £5 or by donation

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