Ell Kendall (full ensemble) + Frances Shelly. Friday 22nd November 19:30

‘Occasionally, I’ll get lost for a morning. Thinking about sounds that fascinate me, and their quality. If you take a leaf from a tree, any tree will do, and look at it, i mean really look at it, over 10-15 minutes. Perhaps this is the type of quality which really gets to me in sound.’

Ell Kendall brings his ensemble to Hundred Years Gallery in a debut performance with support from KEXP and BBC Radio3’s ‘Unclassified’.

Barnaby Slade – tuba
Natalia Wierzbicka – violin
Jess Hort – clarinet
Hannah Chappell – cello
Ell Kendall – keyboard

Supporting set from East Anglia based composer / improviser / pianist Frances Shelley. Classically trained, Frances makes music by mixing live piano with electronic and acoustic sound.

Doors 7:30 | music 8pm | entry £8

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