Cirrus : Emily Shapiro, Sofia Vaisman Maturana & Luyos MC. Friday 21st February 19:30

Semi-improvised concert by Luyos MC on kulintang, Sofia Vaisman Maturana on ‘cello and Emily Suzanne Shapiro on bass clarinet

Doors 7:00 | music 8pm | entry £5

Luyos MC from Guelph, Ontario, is a true-stories-through-sound experimenter, with emphasis on soft power, Manuvu kulintang & electronics.

A daughter of the Maharlikan lands deepening her understanding of precolonial cultural regeneration, specifically through heartbeat-rhythm interactions using both Manuvu & Moro kulintang instruments, poetic vocals, and traditional songs.

Emily Shapiro is a bass clarinet and clarinet player dedicated to exploring and creating new music. Originally from Canada, Emily pursued her studies across the country, at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Academy of Music, Concordia University and the Domaine Forget academy. She has had many incredible teachers, most notably Lori Freedman in Montreal. Emily has a special love for the sound and scope of bass instruments and constantly pushes the limits of what she can do on bass clarinet.

Alongside performing contemporary music on bass clarinet, Emily is involved in many other musical endeavours. Composing and improvising are central to her career, and she has been an active performer of Balinese gamelan for 10 years and has also explored jazz and electroacoustics. She is always seeking out new artistic experiences to enrich and motivate her work. She is a proud member of Duo Arasari, the London Improviser’s Orchestra, the Corner Quartet and Lila Cita.

Sofia Vaisman-Maturana is an improvising ‘cellist from Santiago, Chile. After graduating in Music Composition from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, she has had several profesional premieres of her work such as: ‘Anuari’ for Orchestra at the Netzahuacoyotl hall (Mexico City, 2014) and ‘Un puro en el Bellas Artes’ for classical guitar (Valparaiso, Chile) in 2016. She has also composed for theatre. She’s part of the London Improvisers Orchestra and has played improvised music in London and Chile.

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