Esha Jotwe Teka : Sylvia Hallett, Jerry Wigens, Thomas Kumlehn + James O’Sullivan (solo). Sunday 21 April 15.30

Esha Jotwe Teka

Sylvia Hallett (violin, bicycle wheel, voice, electronics), Jerry Wigens (clarinet, guitar), Thomas M. Kumlehn (flute, voice)

The members of the trio first played together in London a set with Jeff Cloke at Hugh Metcalfe’s Klinker in November 2008, and again at an Interlace concert at Goldsmiths College the following October with composer John E. White. 2010 at Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin and with Jamie Coleman on Trumpet at Intersonanzen – Brandenburgisches Fest der Neuen Musik, Potsdam 2011.

Sylvia and Jerry are both London-based improviser/composers who have worked in a variety of settings including music, dance and theatre. Sylvia, a violinist, vocalist and player of bicycle wheel and electronics, has also composed music for a number of radio plays. Jerry’s, whose main instruments are guitar and clarinet, has spoken on theoretical aspects of improvisation in classes and at various conferences but would always choose playing over theorizing. He is currently part of the improvising group Tetras organised by Thanos Chrysakis and has played in the UK, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Greece. Thomas is flute player based in Potsdam, who has collaborated with musicians, writers and visual artists and has toured Europe extensively. In 2001 he visited India as a resident artist funded by Stiftung Kulturfonds, Berlin.

‘An exhilarating species of finely controlled chaos from Trio Esha Jotwe Teka. Thomas Kumlehn’s delicately explosive flute is engaged by Jerry Wigens’s restless guitar, while Sylvia Hallett’s processed strings and bicycle spokes spread compost on a rich, unpredictable environment’.

Clive Bell, London 2010

James O’Sullivan is a London-based electric guitar player. His work explores the relationship between improvisation, recording and performance. Today he will play a solo set.


Doors 15:30 | music from 16:00 | entry £7

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