Exhibition: A drawing is a performance you didn’t see, by Rita Says. 1st February to 17th March


Private View: 1st February from 6:30pm to 9:30pm

‘At Hundred Years Gallery I will be showing some recent new large scale works on paper.
These drawings have developed over the last year in parallel to my performance work. They are a radical departure for me and the beginning of a new direction.
In these drawings simple physical actions (like going up and down stairs, walking from one room to another or doing basic daily exercise) are recorded using lines.
‘Other more recent drawings have been added to the exhibit, these works delineate the limit of my body, (the distance between two outstretched arms/the space defined by gestures made by both hands with eyes closed, repeatedly making a mark as high as I can reach etc)…… My aim in this work is not to make something beautiful but rather to accurately record the passage of the body from one position to another. It is an art practice that is part of a daily routine, just like brushing ones teeth or taking a shower. Beauty (if it does occur here) is nothing more than the byproduct of a process and is therefore unintentional: I can claim no credit for it whatsoever’.

Rita Says is a London based artist who works with performance, film, sculpture and
photography. Since 2008 she has directed the live art project Rita Says and The Jerico Orchestra.





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