Exhibition : The Tunnel – After The Deluge. 2nd to 5th September

A group exhibition by The Tunnel, designed as a companion piece to their earlier exhibition The Plague.

‘Then they fell from a joyous life in the moment into the anxious contemplation of the vanished past and the distant future.’
Margaret Atwood

Private View Thursday 2nd September
6:00 – 9:30 pm

With performances by Grassy Noel & APE
Christina Lovey
Mervyn Diese
Mark Rathmell
Bettina Schroeder & James E. Smith
Monika Tobel
Broken God

The Tunnel are a group of UK based artists who together stage small independent shows. Their work covers most disciplines of creative output, some working in more than one format. From paintingĀ andĀ sculptural works they have grown to include new media formats including internet and film as well as traditional forms of expression such as writing, poetry, performance and music. Currently standing at over 30 members and growing, the collective will present a diverse collection of work.

Finissage Sunday 5th September
4:00 – 6:00 pm

With more performances by Tunnel artists



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