Exhibition: ‘Bells from the Deep’. Drawings and Hand Made Prints. 2nd to 26th of July 2015

Exhibition extended until the 26th of July.

‘Bells from the Deep’ exhibition  is the outcome of our latest Open Call for Drawing and Hand Made Prints. Hundred Years Gallery  opens its space to over sixty artists of all ages, those who may have never had the opportunity of exhibiting their work, those who perhaps never dare to show them in public, and those who just want to feel free of judgement from arts panels. We have encouraged all our neighbours from the York Row Council Estate to participate as part of our arts community.

Opening on Thursday 2nd of July from 7.30 as part of the First Thursdays Open Until Late organized by WhiteChapel Gallery.

1.Bad-Dad-Jem-Negus‘Bells from the Deep’ is a title borrowed from one of the great Werner Herzog’s documentaries which dives in the profound spirituality and superstition in Russia. For our Open Call we aim to ring the deep bells of the artists, searching for the spontaneity of drawing and the dedication of craft printing, as an intimate and direct expression of the artist’s inner force, whether this one comes from the so common overwhelming social struggles, life’s uncertainty and beauty, fears, or just simply their personal, spiritual or not, themes.


Self-portrait Laboratory for Kids. Sunday 12 th July 4 to 5. Free.

Drop-in Experimental Drawing, Sunday 19th July 2.30 to 4.30. Free

_DSF9363  Hyper Malaise   IMG_6783

During the ‘Bells From The Deep’ exhibition the gallery basement will turn into a drawing room open to everyone who wants to use it as an improvised studio. We will also ask the audience to participate in a series of events organized with the artists and to vote for their favourites. The 8 most voted artists will be exhibited in a Hundred Years Gallery Group Show during 2016 organized and curated by the Director Montse Gallego.

St Teresa's turn-001

Regent's Canal for web       IMG_6100        2.Dead-Dad-Dominic-Negus


Nev May 2015-3 Shaking the shit. 2011keep on building

Rembrandt's Rain   Drifter 2015   Dog

alma   Dapper-Dad-Susanna-Negus   CHERUB   Variation 4

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          5 IN COLOUR_less524         UD18

JReif                    IMG_0254

2015-06-23 13.55.04      Fingers by Sarah Hill      Different ways to fly      6. axiom conjecture #2 watercolour and ink 2015Spring Summer Autumn Winter1

blacksun       Second Skin

FullSizeRender     New Beginnings M Mee

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Bubs_Mario Lautier Vella         

sunglasses-thinnerpdf         Untitled (red) Tamsin Wilson small           Gymnast

IMG_0799                My-Dad-Laura-Negus

birdmanblack+whiteweb1     carolevillain_wildterritories_oldways_zoom_screenprint_50x70cm    photo 1

Diana Savostaite_Connection_2   SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA   DSCN1569

Lover3   001_Tom Cardew - Submission  - Triptych    Important People #2

20150516_141231_resized     garden matter       yellowgirl_full

_MG_3059          IMG_8330           DSCN1579

Jonathan Rothenberg_Lydia and Lollipop   P1010015

DSCF6096   Romeo_Marianne01   Split Personality

Final-Print-01                     Bearded Bill -   The Couple_Helen Bermingham

Something wicked Marlowe picture 6-2015 MacBeth   proj_mew_pinter2015



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