Exhibition. Crappola by Lawrence Blackman. 20th to 30th April 2023.

Private view Thursday 20th of April from 6.30 to 9.30 including a cappela performance Lawrence Blackman & Colin Osborn.

Crappola is corporeal things.
Crappola is non corporeal things.
Crappola is in the world.
Crappola is in your mind.
Crappola is entities which only exist as philosophical or non physical – the world of ideas. They don’t exist, in a physical sense, but dominate our consciousness anyway.
Philosophies and experiences and more can dominate our actions, even against our will.
Where is our will to choose and how do we construct reality rather than recieve pre-created states of being?

Crappola is an exploration of our relationships with our environments, both internal and external. The starting point for the exhibition is drawing – lots of them, a reaction to the modern state of overwhelm and mega stimulation. The name Crappola refers to a phrase from Phillip Guston, refering to the world around us, as well as being a throw away term, the lowest form of phrase. The work is both grounded in art, and to be taken seriously, as well as throwaway, a reflection of a moment.

Lawrence Blackman is a multi-disciplinary artist based in London. His practice encapsulates drawing, poetry, large scale painting and street art, with 6 collections of work published as books and multiple zines. The work has a particular interest in different forms of language, with drawing as performance, and writing and drawing as different forms of each other.

His credits include international exhibitions and performance and event organisation with a focus on collaboration and building artistic community. He has been published internationally and taken part in numerous residencies across the world, including South Korea, Indonesia and across the UK. He regularly exhibits in London.

For Crappola, he will be presenting drawings as prints from his home printer as well as performing a selection of poetry and having zines for sale.



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