Exhibition : Defiant Forms – Edgar Rojas Pérez. (ground floor) Wednesday 4th September 18:00 – 21:30

Hundred Years Gallery is pleased to present a one day show by Mexican graphic designer and illustrator Edgar Rojas Pérez.

Over the last 13 years his work has focussed on painting & illustration, developing visual concepts through diverse techniques from the traditional to experimental, whilst also working  with sculpture, serigraphy & collage.

The central objective of his work is focused on developing proposals and artistic projects which allow him to transmit the essence of his lived experience whilst remaining a faithful reflection of his passions.

Over the years, we allow everyday life to catch us and stop surprising us. We resist and even refuse the pleasure of looking at things and people carefully, to appreciate them, leaving them to become a blurry and imperceptible landscape of our routine.

The extraordinary diversity that we can find in human traits is practically infinite and much more marked than in other species. This has notably intrigued all kinds of specialists, from scientists to artists, who study from issues related to the evolution of our species, to the peculiarities of the shapes and figures that build our identities and that endow to the world interesting, challenging and new forms.

The surprising variations of our faces and physiognomies are the result of evolutionary pressure, which has conditioned each of us to be unique and different, thus facilitating social interactions and our need to be identifiable.

Therefore, this exhibition seeks, by decontextualizing the particular form of each one, to present reality in its way, transform it into something new, with the sole purpose of re-promoting curiosity for people, and at the same time recognizing and re-appreciating their very peculiar shape.

Edgar Rojas Pérez
21/08/2019  – México


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