Exhibition : Collagistes Collective : Life / Death / Spirit / Flesh. 31 May to 3 June

This contemporary Collage International Group Show will address four universals; Life/Death/Spirit/Flesh, as one theme: this means the Collage presented encompasses Politics, Nature, Society, Sexuality, Personal Relationships, Online Presence, World View, Private Pursuits and, of course: the many things in between!

Collagistes Collective provides support, development and opportunities to new, established and emerging contemporary Collagistes. Begun as a means to make an online open call for its first Show, it now has 4,000+ online Members and new submissions daily.

‘We are passionate about community outreach, introducing the personal, social and therapeutic benefits of Collage through Workshops and on producing Collage Exhibitions which often feature inclusive, immersive activities to show how accessible Collage is and as a way of welcoming those who may not readily believe the “art world” is accessible to them.

It will be an exhibition whose contents will stay with you, one which we hope you’ll talk and think about, long after it has been seen.

‘Our motto : #anartforourtime and #beyondthepicturegallery’ ~ Tony Gohagan



Nick Cash, David Gorriz,Je Lena, Sam Dodson, Matthew Kay, Lou Read, Pablo Malik, Clare Twentymillion, TeatroBalocco, Atelier Puck, Sacred Cuts Collage, Loner Collage, Sarah Key, Anna Sandalaki, Thomas Hartz, Tineke Sips, Mark Watkins, Collagene20172, KYoung Collage, Kubi Vasak, fg Collage, GoldenBadgerClaw, Jess Pemberton

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