Exhibition : QM Visual Arts Collective 2018. 8th to 18th February


The QM Visual Arts Collective 2018 Exhibition will feature works in a variety of media by artists who study across all disciplines at Queen Mary University and Barts and The London. The VAC began in 2014 as a collaboration between the Photography Society and QMTV and, after two successful exhibitions in 2015 and 2016, has been continued by the exhibiting students. Our aim is to showcase the artistic talent of QMBL students.

The open call was put out to students in late 2017 and has been answered by undergraduate and postgraduate students. In their academic life, these artists study a wide range of subjects in the Sciences and Humanities but in their free time, they pursue photography, painting, drawing, collage, embroidery, sculpture, video art, digital art, performance art and sound art amongst other forms. The Visual Arts Collective brings these artists together to demonstrate the artistic talent of these non-arts students to both the public and their fellow students. We hope to inspire students from QMBL to express their artistic talents and pursue this alongside their academic lives.

This year’s exhibition, curated by Lucy Corkish, will feature work by Dani Cole, whose ongoing photographic project, ‘Gemini, the twins’, centres around her relationship with her sister, as well as Jinsun Park whose photography focuses on a different relationship: accidental reflections between objects and people. Performance MA Anna Dean’s ethereal video collage is contrasted with Park’s interpretation of the world today. Rik Giri’s intricate sketches complement Jeremy Chan’s mixed media portraits and Hussain Al-Jabir’s traditional dark-room photographic prints. Additional works by Maxine Alleyne-Pacheco, Lewis Mead, Amalah ButtImmaculata Abba, Maddie Davies, Moneeka Thakur, Naila Huda, Raghad Zuraiki, Ronnie Longfellow, Shakrbanu Bagheri, Ateka Gomaa, Dani Nowokunska, Deshira Gashi, Emily Warner, Josie Jimenez, Hannah Hayden and Talia Jacob

Private View :  Thursday 8th February 18:30 – 21:30

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