Exhibition: Suraya Arts. Sponsoring ‘Aspire Rwanda’. 18th to 21st June

The nine members of Suraya Arts work in mixed and multi-media and provide an eclectic and thoughtful show ranging from themes about memory and exile, dreamscapes and dark imaginings, elemental landscapes, identity and outsider, entrapment and escape, belonging and longing, symbolism and ancient motifs, celebration and peace

Tasleema Alam The ninety-nine names of God JPG   Helen Kaminsky Stage Fright   Marcia Mar Sunset rising

Artists in the collective are:
Tasleema Alam – Traditional sacred and geometric artist
Vicky Gee – Contemporary mixed media artist
Carolina Graterol – Installation and community multi-media artist
Jenni Gregory – Textile, ceramics and mixed media artist
Helen Kaminsky – Contemporary mixed media artist
Marcia Mar – Mixed media and performance artist
Elizabeth Rai – Illustration and ink portrait artist
Margaret Thompson – Abstract contemporary printmaker and mixed media artist
Deepa Zaman – Figurative and landscape artist

Private View on Thursday 18 June with music performed by:
Eva Abraham – Singer /Songwriter performing her gutsy blend of Jazz, Blues and Americana
Natalie Bouloudis – An evocative Folk noir singer / songwriter accompanied by the very fine multi-instrumental musician, Laura Forbes

Vicky Gee Dimension     DCIM100GOPROGOPR0103.     Margaret Thompson Entangled

An important part of Suraya Arts’ manifesto is to work towards creating a fairer and more equitable world. Each year we will sponsor a community living in extreme poverty. We will raise funds through exhibition events and art sales and contribute towards education and training opportunities for the community members so that they can build sustainable lives for themselves and their children. This year we are sponsoring Aspire Rwanda

Suraya Arts encourages inclusivity and invites artisans from all disciplines including music and spoken word, dance and film to participate in fundraising events and private views. The collective also looks forward to working on creative projects with the different diasporas in the UK to create a vibrant exchange of artistic practice and dialogue whilst working together to build lives and alleviate poverty through art.

jenni Gregory A girl's journey                    Elizabeth Rai Peaches


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