Exhibition : The Asylum. 2nd to 26th March 2017

The Asylum

We could argue about how we understand something so often ambiguous as an ‘artwork’, but intrinsically, we could agree in an intuitive/emotional aspect prevailing over any rational explanation. Reason is blind to artistic values.

Ernesto Sabato wrote :‘The world of domestic experience is so small in the face of the universe, sensory data so delusory, conditioned reflexes so un-prophetical, that the best method for finding out new truths is to insure the opposite of what common sense advises. This is why many of the advances in human thought and arts have been made by individuals on the verge of madness’

As the Director of Hundred Years Gallery, I am notorious for my lack of common sense and the use of my instinct when it comes to organise the chaotic creative trend of this run-by-artists place. And that is what has made me rescue from the gallery archive some forgotten pieces by forgetful talented artists, as if they were left behind and secured in the good hands of an asylum’s director.

The result is this glorious display of artworks by six artists whose main practice is the use of the instinct in order to reveal their visions of the truths that populate their confused and poetic minds, …on the verge of madness?…yes, probably…

Welcome to The Asylum.

M. Gallego, London 2017



Artists include:

Juan Gallego Pinazo  Jim Sanders  Johnny Cole  Gerard Ukpan  Montse Gallego  Christopher Northall

IMG_7454-001     Gerard06

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