Exhibition : The Tunnel presents The Plague – Art of The Great Lockdown. 21st – 23rd May

The Plague is a group exhibition by The Tunnel which consists of work produced during the pandemic.

Private View : Friday 21st May includes performances by Grassy Noel and Ape and other Tunnel artists.
Please note that admission will be resticted to 15 people at any one time.

” No one yet had really accepted the idea of the disease. Most were chiefly affected by whatever upset their habits or touched on their interests.”
Albert Camus

The Tunnel are a group of artists, performers and writers based in London:

Noel Grassy Macken
Noga Shatz
Mathew Tudor
Mark Rathmell
Alicia Roy
Bettina Schroeder
Mandee Gage
Ky Lewis
Monika Tobel
Lawrence Blackman
Tracie Angiolini
Mervyn Diese
Cassandra Mahoney
Julie Ann
Julia Maddison
Jesper Sundwall
Christina Lovey
Rebecca Smith
Alexander Short
Rachelle Allen Sherwood
Jamie Stanton
John Mazurka


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