Face Blank Closing Party : Tapping, Singing and Shouting. Sunday 12th March 3:30-6:30pm

MervynCelebrating the finale of the successful Faceblank exhibition, The Bong and Shirley Show will be Tapping, Singing and Shouting at you, accompanied by original music written by Andy D., as well as performances by Mervyn Diese and other Faceblank artists..

3:30 door | 4pm start | suggested donation £5

The Bong and Shirley Show is an eclectic combination of songs, stories and tap dancing set to original music, drawing on influences from trip hop, jazz to orchestral. Described by Jazzman John as ‘marigold glove hip-hop cabaret’ the show takes the audience on a journey through the traumas of everyday life, with a surreal playfulness that celebrates the absurd and the ridiculous; exploring topics such as unrequited love, obsession, loss, aging, death and the madness of the current political situation, in a manner that is guaranteed to put a huge smile on the audiences’ faces.

The central characters of the show are Mr. Bong Crisby and Dame Shirley Claquette, who create a visually stunning performance. Bong presents sartorial elegance complemented by Shirley’s 80’s styling and they incorporate a post -punk or post-modern use of gestures and physicality. Bong Crisby’s vocal style ranges from jazz, rock and punk through to the monological oratorical,. Dame Shirley provides a rhythmic percussive addition to the music with her tap dancing, whilst also performing vocally.

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