“Beijing Olympics 2008” by Carlos González

“No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Failure is an curatorial project that aims to explore the critical discourse surrounding the impact on a city of hosting the Olympic Games. It is about giving voice to an existing public debate poorly publicized by the official media, through “Failed” artworks or those artists’ projects which didn’t receive any funding or public outcome.

During most of July and August 2012, Hundred Years Gallery hosts a series of critical events relating to the upcoming Olympic Games.

The Artists:

Under the exhibition, HYG will feature the presence of these artists:

Carlos González. Born in Spain and based in London. This urban nomad and self-taught photographer present his work “Beijing Olympics 2008” and “London Olympics 2012”.



Angel Orensanz. The Spanish artist will show “Cosmology”, an artwork that has travelled around the world. He will perform a site-specific on Friday 27th of July 2012.


Antonio Mena. Spanish visual artist currently working as Hundred Years Gallery’s photographer.



Caliban Tower. A short film by Graham Mackeachan & Rita Says in response to the use made of Shakespeare’s The Tempest by LOCOG, and a comment on the distortion of its essentially republican and anti-imperialist message.




Johnny Cole has painted a new artwork in the HYG’s window for “Failure”.




Rita Says. A slide show projection called “Olympic Bounce”.




Gillian Holding’s work explores the incongruity and strangeness of the mundane ordinary, the everyday familiar. In the case of “The London Summer of 2012”, she explores the aspects of the 1995 and 2006 legislation conferring extensive commercial protection on the official Olympic sponsors for the games; and the depressing paradox (as a consequence of the legislation) of the complete absence of Olympic financial reward or benefit for the hidden small traders in the suburbs of London. The figures and places are drawn from real-life yet wholly anonymous individuals and buildings: suddenly rendered individually visible and centre stage and yet retaining a universal symbolic aspect.     


Alice Myers.




Jill Rock. “They called me a failure”

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