Farmer / Malone / Scott / Woodhead / Wright. Sunday 3rd December 3:30

Sarah Farmer is a violinist and sound artist based in Birmingham. Sarah spends most of her playing time performing contemporary scored and improvised music and playing in folk and jazz inspired bands. Interests include noise, texture, spacetime and DIY.

James L Malone is an improvising guitarist living in London. He has performed with musicians such as Eddie Prévost, Ute Kanngeisser, Phil Durrant, SteveBeresford and Adam Bohman. Regular projects include: Onin (with Joe Wright), a duo with Phil Maguire and Frost&Malone (with Reuben Kyriakides).

Richard Scott is a viola player and visual artist based in Birmingham with interests in pattern, liminality and varying modes of perception and control. His musical activities are split between improvising, contemporary scored music and playing traditional Scandinavian music on the fiddle.

Joe Wright is a saxophonist, improviser and researcher based in London. His current work focuses on how electronic systems can be used to change the performer-instrument relationship in improvised and collaborative music.

Born and raised in South Yorkshire, Andrew Woodhead is now a highly active member of Birmingham’s thriving Jazz/Creative Music scene. Andrew’s music draws from a range of influences and musical traditions, from his early Choral and Classical Piano training to a later love of Jazz, Rock and Avant-Garde, as well as Yorkshire’s own folk music. During his time at Birmingham Conservatoire he studied with John Taylor, Liam Noble and Pete Saberton, and in his final year won the Dankworth Prize for Jazz Composition, presented by the Worshipful Company of Musicians. Andrew plays around the UK and abroad with his own projects and as a side-man.

Doors 3:30 | music 4pm | entry £5

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