Found Drowned (James O’Sullivan/Pete Marsh/Paul May) + Chris Prosser. Friday 30th August 19:30

Found Drowned:
James O’Sullivan (electric guitar)
Pete Marsh (bass guitar)
Paul May (percussion)

Chris Prosser (violin)

Door 19:30 | music 20:00 | entry £7

James O’Sullivan is a London-based electric guitar player. His work explores the relationship between improvisation, recording and performance.

Found Drowned is a London based acoustic/electric improvising trio, mixing good old fashioned noise with free jazz skronk and introspective rumbling.

Chris Prosser : Veteran violinist from New Zealand. Various incarnations include: electric violinist for Maori fusion band in 70s; busker in Thatcher’s Britain; performer of solo Fringe shows, Klezmer and free jazz. Recently recorded with Indian tanpura drone.

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